Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why I will NOT vote for TMC

With all the fanfare about the elections this time every Indian including those who are not yet eligible to cast their vote are thinking who deserves their vote. If I look around in Bengal I have a lot of options.
Parliament of India

·         Trinamool Congress -TMC (PM candidate Mamta Banerjee)
·         Congress (PM candidate Rahul Gandhi)
·         BJP (PM candidate Narendra Modi)
·         Left Front ((PM candidate- they are sure they won’t make it)

Considering the way TMC ousted the incumbent left government of 34 years they are an obvious option for many but this time I am sure I will NOT vote for them.

Bengal definitely needs development in all fields. The Bengal model what the CM of Bengal talks of is surely there but only on paper. In reality I have seen no difference. Maybe because I am no minority. Mamta Banerjee like her parent party Congress has tasted the vote bank politics and vouches for appeasement policies. In Bengal scholarships are meant only for minorities. Loans are meant for minorities. Minority religious leaders also get a monthly allowance form the state government. Minorities also get a special welfare board and monitory also get help to build houses.

 I totally would have agreed if she told that development was not possible because the left government left with no state funds and only debts to repay. But then she has increased all state taxes. Bengal is one of the few states which have 14.5% VAT on products. The state taxation and its policies is not a bit trader or consumer friendly. Property valuation has been increased to more than the transaction value. Fuel prices due to state taxation are among the highest in the country. Electricity rates are amongst the highest in the country.  I do understand that it is necessary for development but am I getting the returns?

Trinamool Congress Symbol
TMC also saw to it that no one talks against them - with what I would call refutation of freedom to expression. Ambikesh Mahapatra, a professor from Jadhavpur University was arrested for posting a cartoon on the chief minister. Authors from all over the world shamed her for that. Shiladitya Chowdhury who questioned the chief minister at a rally in Jangalmahal for farmer deaths was declared Maoist and arrested under non-bailable sections. The chief Minister also gave orders to remove major English and highly read Bengali newspapers from public libraries.

Ministers of the state who held high offices in the Sharda Chit Fund still hold ministries. Selling paintings became a mode of money transaction. But the depositors were the only losers. And everyone is almost sure that the commission has nothing to give them.

Bengal has forgotten what is law and order. Previously left made a mockery and now its TMCs turn. What is it when the CM herself goes to a police station to get two youths (Party Supporters) booked for hooliganism freed? I call it mockery of law and order. Election Commission agents whom all parties fear are beaten up in Bengal nothing needs to be told more. Women safety in a state ruled by a woman couldn’t get worse when the Chief Minister herself takes rapes casually and asks if all women in the state are getting raped and says to be done to dethrone her.

Mamta Banerjee, the TMC head, has not announced any pre-poll alliance in 2014 LS elections. So what are her plans for this LS? She surely can’t get 272 on her own. So either she is hoping for the third front or will be indulging in post-poll alliance – what is also called horse-trading. Let’s see the prospects of both.

Mamta Banerjee. Cheif Minister of West Bengal.
President of Trinamool Congress
Third Front – if this becomes the reality it will be the worst for the nation. Anything between 5-10 regional parties with leader having personal ambition will for a coalition government. Not one can be checked as loss of any one will lead the government to fall. Corruption will see its all-time high and governance it’s all time low. But for Mamta Banerjee this will be the best option. With the 30-35 seats (most optimistic number of 42 seats in Bengal) she surely will not become PM as others with higher numbers and similar ambitions will surely be there in the coalition for third front to take shape. But she can get portfolios such as finance and railways. She can definitely get anything cleared for the state from the center even something unconstitutional and which is goes along with her appeasement policies.
But as I stated it will be the worst for the nation and I can’t be part of this horrifying story of the nation by voting for TMC. (Think who else will be in the third front...  Phew...)

Post-Poll Alliance – she will have two options here Congress and BJP. She has been contesting against both these parties in the state. So option of any one trying to woo her post-election is slim. Optimistically thinking they do. Will she be able to deliver what is required? She could not get back even a part of the thousands of crore due with the state. Instead due to her unwanted temperament the center took most of it as payment for interest. We have previously seen her temperament where she will resign and withdraw support for issues like hike in fuel prices and then join back. As her patience has not been better but in fact have become worse since she became the CM I don’t expect anything better. And with a rival in coalition I don’t think Mamta can extract much form the two parties. So a better option for me will be to vote any of the two national parties directly because I hope that they may develop my constituency to retain it in next elections.

I have made up my mind whom to vote and definitely it is not TMC for the LS run up for 2014.

Note: The views here are personal. If you have any differences dialogue is the best way to resolve.

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