Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Crocodile tears of Congress

Recently a lot of tamasha was created by many of Congress leader, even their prime minister candidate - Rahul Gandhi on how BJP treated its leaders. A lot of huss and fuss was made when Jashwant Singh was refused the ticket from Barmer. During the Advanji episode even Congress leader were creating such a ruckus in the media and throughout their rallies.

I really did not understand why it really mattered to them whether or not they were given tickets or from which constituency they were given. They don't belong to your party so why interfere in their matter? If they really thought these two leader to be really honest and veterans then why have they accused them multiple times. Maybe then political gains were more important up keeping their dignity or national interests. (I am not posting any links here just search google for congress accuses Advani or Jashwant and you will get hell lot of results.)

But, are these tears that congress is shedding are for real. I was really curious that in their so called democratic party how veterans are treated. So thought of a search and this a bit of what I found.

As most of us are aware the INC was setup in March 1885 and the demand of "PURNA SWARAJ" was made in the 1929 Lahore Session but few of us will know that an INC veteran Srinivas Iyenger was expelled early that year when he demanded the same instead of home rule like others. A democratic party since then has not been supporting people with a different idea. It can also be recalled that many other freedom fighters who did not support Gandhiji and his non-violence had to resign from this Democratic Party with no support thereafter.

These are stories of the past. We don’t know the situation and better to leave the pre-independence era alone. But let see what has been in the recent time. 

Sitaram Kesari
March 14, 1998 Mrs. Sonia Gandhi took over as congress president. Her predecessor Mr. Sitaram Kesari was forced to leave his position in the most wrong way it can. Theories have it that he was locked up in a toilet and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi declared president by a select few. Even if he was not locked up as per the close aide of Gandhi claim he was definitely removed in the most unconstitutional manner.

Few may even recall why and how NCP of Sharad Pawar was created. When Sharad Pawar, P A Sangma, Tariq Anwar and a few others (all Veterans) raised objection to the foreign decent of Sonia what they got was an expulsion letter. Tariq Anwar was also manhandled by so called "Congress Goons" on raising the objection ( There is no room for free discussion in Sonia Congress )

Sharad Pawar in his interview to frontline had stated 
"If this is the way the party is run, no doubt we are relieved to be out of it. Look at Sonia Gandhi's speech at the AICC (All-India Congress (I) Committee). She said that only those who want to believe and follow her need be in the Congress (I). She virtually asked all those who question her on any matter to get out of the Congress (I). Is this not a fascist, undemocratic approach?"

Congress also had no sense of duty towards it non-gandhian ex-prime minister. P V Narsima Rao who died on 23rd December 2004 in New Delhi was also not allowed in to AICC building, leave alone cremation in Delhi. He had been flown to Hyderabad after Y S Reddy interfered and cremated there. Congress President Sonia Gandhi never ever mentioned or honored him as an ex-Prime Minister during his lifetime or then after.

While shedding their crocodile tears for BJP leader they even forgot what they did this election season. Shyamlal Pujari a senior congress leader from Uttar Pradesh was expelled when he raised questions about giving ticket to leader who have recently deflected to congress. ( CONG EXPELS SENIOR LEADER ). Sounds something like the Jashwant Singh Episode!!!

Congress leader should actually blow their own trumpets first before reaching out to others. A so called democratic party which is preaching others on how to treat veteran leader should first practice the same.

Note: The views expressed here are totally personal. 

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