Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An Open Letter to Md. Azam Khan

Mr. Md. Azam Khan,

Respected Sir,

It is in the formal English letter format (which we have been taught from elementary school) to being with the word Respected. Although, I or in that matter what I believe most of Indians (Indian-Indians) after watching your speech yesterday have no intention to be giving you any respect.

In the recent times you and your party have been in main stream news for not so good reasons.

Sir, I personally have no problems with how your party runs and the internal affairs of your party. As I neither belong to Uttar Pradesh nor will you have any role in central politics from this May 16th.

I also did not have anything against you when you used (or for the rest of India-misused) the state machinery and suspended 3 cops to find seven buffaloes - later according to you who became more famous than Queen Victoria. I was made to believe that it is like this in Uttar Pradesh.

I also did not have anything against you when you and your in government party under the veil of secularism showed tears only for Muslim victims in the muzaffarnagar riots. However the Supreme Court took notice of it and though otherwise.

There are many more instances when you or your party members according to most Indians were on the wrong side of the law but I had nothing against you, even in not one of them. But it also does not mean that I idolize you. You in fact may be the last person to get that position.

But in your speech yesterday when you mentioned "Kargil ki pahadiyo ko fateh karne wala koi Hindu nahi tha, balki Kargil ki pahadiyo ko nara-e-takbeer Allah-Hu-Akbar kehkar fathe karnewale Musalman fauji the" (Peaks of Kargil were not conquered by Hindus, but by Muslim soldiers raising the battle cry of God is the Greatest), you not only made me cry from my heart but made me, like many others cross the fence to condemn you personally.

I assume that when you are in politics you must be knowing, that when Army Men without fearing their lives go out to save our mother land it is not Hindus or Muslims or Sikhs or Christians or in that matter any damn religion or caste they fight for. They fight for us. They die for the - again - THE - BHARAT MATA. 

If this statement made by you is in keeping your so called secular ideology the please sir do call me a communal. And I will be proud of it. 

Many of the people in social media also took great pain to list out all the martyrs of Kargil war. But for me all those who died were the sons of this land. But the point is what reaction your statement had. Indians who are already fed up of appeasement policies of pseudo-secular parties (one of which is your party) forgot what you wanted them to forget - Unity in Army. Unity in India. 

Army or any defense organization or paramilitary forces have no relation to communalism or petty politics going on in this nation. Sir, it is my sincere request to keep them out of Indian politics and let them be the ideology of millions. because if such comments created divide within them then all of us including you, me and THE BHARAT MATA will be at risk for our lives.

With a hope that the divine one prevails sense on the Indian Political Class

Yours Truly,
A Hurt Indian.

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